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Elevate your multi-family community with our convenient 5 nights per week doorstep waste pick-up services or office waste removal services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a valet trash service?

Valet trash service is a door-to-door trash and recycling service for multi-family properties including apartment homes, condominiums, student housing, and senior living communities. Valet trash pick-up offers a no-risk revenue source that increases the net operating income of your community. Apartment valet trash service provides the community with the #1 requested amenity that 100% of residents will enjoy from day one. It’s a turnkey operation that keeps the property clean and beautiful. Valet trash pick-up is easy to implement into even the largest portfolios as well as smaller, privately owned/managed communities.

How does valet trash service work?

Door-to-door valet trash service is convenient and easy to implement. The service provides doorstep waste and recycling collection five nights a week. Residents put their tied trash bags in the provided trash receptacle and place it outside their front door between 6pm and 8pm. Valets collect the bags and take them to the dumpster starting at 8pm. The empty trash containers are brought back into their unit by residents before 9am the next morning. The process is simple and pain-free.

What is the step-by-step process for trash collection?
  1. Professional, clean-cut uniformed service valets will pick up the trash from outside each resident’s door.
  1. Trash bags are collected in a shoulder harness and anti-drip collection container.
  1. Trash bags are then taken to the on-site dumpster/compactor and thrown away.
  1. Areas around the dumpsters are swept clean of loose trash.
How does the recycling process work with a trash valet service?
  1. Residents place their recycling in tied “blue bags” and are put outside their door alongside their other trash so you know what is recycling.
  1. Recycling bags are taken to the on-site recycling bins.
What are the benefits of valet trash service?

Doorstep collection is an amenity that every resident uses numerous times a week. The benefits include:


  • Universal usage – Doorstep pick-up is a service all residents take advantage of, unlike a weight room or pool at their community.
  • Increased lease retention – Doorstep collection helps grow resident retention and new leases by offering the property a unique market advantage compared to competing communities that do not offer a door-to-door trash valet service.
  • A cleaner property – No trash is left out in the community during leasing hours.  Trash is collected shortly after it is set outside – no odors, trash leakage, or stains on walkways and breezeways.  Dumpsters and compactor areas are cleaned nightly by fully insured and uniformed trash valets.
  • A watchful eye – Crime deterrent while service valets are on the property up to 28 times per month at hours when the management and maintenance staff have gone home for the evening.
What are the benefits for the residents?

One word – Convenience.  Set it and forget it!  Valet trash service eliminates the need  to carry trash bags down flights of stairs.  Put an end to having residents drive to a centralized dumpster – no more messy trash on the roof of their car or truck.  It also removes the need to carry trash bags during inclement weather.

How can a community benefit from valet trash service?

When recycling is made easy, most people will participate.  Going “Green” is an option that most communities and tenants have moved towards to help reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills. This action will reduce the apartment complex’s footprint while assisting in job creation and economic development.


Dynamic Waste Management has been a great addition to our overall property management strategy.  Prompt waste removal, professional management, and excellent customer service – we give them 5 stars!

Roberto Boligan

CEO, Summit Software Systems

We are so grateful we found Dynamic Waste Management!  Our last waste removal service was a headache to deal with.  The Dynamic team came in, streamlined our processes, and made waste removal a breeze.

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